Firefly - love keeps her

Dollhouse and Cabin in the Woods

Some shiny Dollhouse icons to celebrate the start of season 2. Mostly promo images. Very minor spoilers for 2x01. 

Also a couple of icons for Cabin in the Woods.


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Sarah Slean sweet ones vid

Amanda Seyfried and Katie McGrath icons

A post of icons of two beautiful women: Amanda Seyfried and Katie McGrath.  The Amanda Seyfried ones include her Alice in Wonderland photoshoot ergo there are some Escape Key/Vixy and Tony lyrics thrown in there for good measure :)  You can bet I'll be working their Merlin song into some Merlin icons eventually too ;)


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Firefly - team firefly

Firefly icons

I realize I didn't finish reposting my Firefly icons... and I suspect I have some random icons to get back online as well.

Here's another batch from Firefly, hope you all enjoy them the second time around. There are many icons from the show and movie, a couple from the Serenity gag reel and a couple from convention photos of the actors.


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BtVS - not fade away

Whedonland pimp

Just a heads up that whedonland is looking for new members. It's a challenge community where everyone is divided into 4 teams (you can request to be on Team Buffy, Team Angel, Team Dollhouse or Team Firefly) and there are competitions each week for points. I'm having a lot of fun with it as the challenges are a little bit of everything so no one person seems to dominate.

Come on out and play!

Firefly - browncoat

Grab bag icon post

Hmmm I appear to have miscounted pages of Buffy icons... so yesterday's post was the last of the Buffy and Angel icon reposting. Which means today we move onwards to Firefly!

This post is going to be a bit of a grab bag because I have some icons that were mixed in with the Buffy ones from various icontests. So along with the Firefly icons there are some Judy Garland, Veronica Mars, Bring It On, That Night, and Nancy Drew icons.


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