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if this is all we have to fight for, rage my darlings rage!

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I've finally decided to create an icon journal. From time to time other creative ventures may appear in here as well.

Please friend this community instead of joining it if you want to see the icons as they're posted, thanks :)

Credit is great and I love it BUT if you don't credit I'm not chasing you down to yell at you. Just please don't take an icon (or anything else that gets posted here) and claim that it's your own. You can credit this journal rage_my_darling or my journal elizalavelle no need to change credit for icons just because I'm moving the posts.

Blanks are not bases, please don't modify them. Also please don't modify any other art that gets posted here. Thank you :)

Also PLEASE do not hotlink! If you don't know what hotlinking is feel free to ask.

Do-s and Don't-s in the icon community> by teh_indy

Brush/Gradient etc. Credit (if you see I've used something you've made and you're not credited please let me know and I'll fix it.)

__3ppl, _cease2exist, _joni, _synergy, 77words, amore, aronia, artistbynight, avilina, awmp, likescarecrows, bessyboo, blimey, braggadocio, brokenhearted, brokenicon, colourofclouds, colorful, contradictz, crazy_perfume, daughterofsnape, digitalstar04, inxsomniax, dragong, ealias, even_art, fadeastride, fantanagirl, firaga, framedinblood, rozillla, raphicjunkie, oh_pants, hawlla_icons, highlander_fan, hotoko, icon_goddess, icons_with_love, innocenceagain, inside, insomniac, iroka, laurasue, lostfaithdesign, lovemelikemusic, masquerademasks, padabee, meleada, miggy, smilles, myvowofsilence, my_wonderful, nellenoir, okayicons, pfefferminzchen, pirateexchange, propaganda_live, baublez, quebelly, endlessdeep, september_icons, sheld0n, slipbucketlove, smokeandtears, dark_soul_lost, surise_ruby, sveltrose, tehsexicons, tinypicts, torchedgraphics, tragic_icons, vblackangelv, wholedamnturkey, wizzyicons...

www.absolutetrouble.com, candycrack.net

.... more to come. If you're not on this list and you should be just comment and I'll add you :)


_my_best_shot _godhopping

If you'd like to affiliate with my icon journal just leave a comment and let me know.